Yacht Safety & Security

Yacht Safety & Security

  • Lock up your yacht when you leave it, especially at night
  • Leave someone on board when on mooring
  • Lock your outboard onto your yacht at night
  • Lock your dinghy to the dock or yacht
  • Be cautious about inviting strangers on board your vessel
  • Inform the rangers of your absence when off for long periods
  • Report any suspicious activity immediately to the rangers or the local Coast Guard

How to tie to a yacht mooring

Always maneuver slowly in the vicinity of mooring buoys. Approach the buoy against the wind and the current if possible. Do not attach the buoy pickup line to a cleat on your boat. Instead, pull one of your own dock lines through the eye of the pickup line and secure both ends on deck. By allowing enough slack, the scope of the mooring and the resiliency of the system will be increased.

White and orange cylindrical buoys demarcate the Marine Reserves.

White and blue buoys are moorings reserved for yachts and day-charter boats.

Orange buoys have been installed for dive boats and dinghies.

Yellow buoys are reserved for private vessels.