Soufriere Marine
Management Area

Welcome to the website of the SMMA Inc. This site is designed to provide both locals and visitors to the Soufriere area with information on the SMMA and its programmes, the latest news and events for the area, and the activities available. Please take some time to browse the site, and do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information.

What We Do:

  • Scientific research on natural resources of the region
  • Regular monitoring of coral reefs, water quality and other environment factors and resources
  • Public information and sensitisation
  • Provision of facilities for users of the SMMA e.g. moorings
  • Co-ordination of economic activities related to the SMMA and its resources
  • Promotion of technologies that are appropriate and linked with local environmental, social and cultural aspects of the SMMA
  • Surveillance ad enforcement of rules and regulations
  • Conflict resolution among the various user groups whenever necessary
  • Maintenance of the principles of ongoing participation and public consultation

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