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About The SMMA: An Overview

Soufriere is a picturesque rural town, located on the southwest coast of the island of Saint Lucia. This area is remarkable for the richness and diversity of its landscapes and natural resources, including mountains, rainforest, rivers, active volcanism and coral reefs.

The area of coastline hereinafter described extends over 12 kilometers and presents a succession of beaches and cliffs, with the Soufriere bay at the center. The town of Soufriere lies within that bay. Because of its topography and relative isolation, the Soufriere region has not been part of the main transformations which have affected the rural economy of St. Lucia over the past few decades. Its agriculture therefore remains characterized by mixed crops produced on small to medium size estates. In the more recent past, Soufriere has witnessed radical changes provoked by the growth of tourism in the coastal zone.

Because the coast plays a central part in the life and economy of Soufriere, the main settlements and infrastructures are located near the shore and the beaches are used intensively for recreation.

There are approximately 150 registered fishers, from which two-thirds fish on a full-time basis. The main gears are nets, lines and pots.

Over the past two decades, tourism has grown significantly, with two large resorts, four smaller hotels, and a number of guesthouses and restaurants, many of them focusing on the diving and the yachting sectors.

Maritime transportation remains important and an increasing number of day charter boats and water taxis bring large numbers of visitors from the northern, better-developed part of the island to Soufriere.


In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the multiplicity of uses and growing demand for scarce and fragile resources generated critical impacts and conflicts…


All Parties to the agreement have developed a shared vision of the future of the marine and coastal environment of Soufriere, which is based on a number of elements…


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