Yacht Mooring Areas

Yacht Mooring Areas

Five Yacht Mooring Areas have been created within the Soufriere Marine Management Area as shown on the Zoning Map.

  • Between Anse Chastanet & Anse Mamin
  • Rachette Point
  • Soufriere Jetty
  • Malgretoute Beach
  • Beausejour Area

The use of the moorings requires a Coral Conservation Permit. The amount of this permit depends on the size of your vessel and the duration of use.

These permits can only be purchased from the uniformed SMMA Rangers. The Rangers must be able to identify themselves upon request (call the SMMA on VHF channel 16, if you need verification).

All money collected goes to the coral protection program.

Class Length Of Stay Rate (USD) Rate (XCD)
1. ≤70ft. 1 Night $20.00 $54.00
1 Week $120.00 $320.00
2. ≤ 70-120ft. 1 Night $100.00 $267.00
3. <120ft. 1 Night $200.00 $534.00
Crewed Charter Annual 1 Year $500.00 $1335.00

Although the mooring systems are well maintained by the SMMA, as indicated by a yellow tag on the pick-up line, make sure your buoy is holding the vessel as intended, and that the system is secure.

Please help to keep the moorings safe and report any defects to the rangers.

The yacht mooring system is not designed for rough or stormy weather (especially Tropical Storms or Hurricanes). In such a case, please anchor in a protected sandy bay.

Please be advised that the SMMA does not accept liability for any damage, loss or injury resulting from a defective mooring.

And remember!

Anchoring is forbidden within the SMMA, except in the designated areas for which a permit is required.

The Hummingbird Foul-Weather Anchorage

The area in front of the Soufriere Beach, more commonly known as the Hummingbird Beach was previously a popular area for anchoring. However this area is also a very important seine fishing area and has been declared a “Fishing Priority Area” since 1984 which means that commercial fishing takes precedence over all other activities and is closed to anchoring. To accommodate visiting sailors, five yacht moorings have been installed at nearby Rachette Point. No Anchoring Signs have been installed on the beach as a gentle reminder.

The Soufriere fishermen however recognize that this area is probably the safest area for anchorage during rough seas and have agreed to allow pleasure boats to seek shelter in this area during foul weather. In the event of impending foul weather, boats in the SMMA will be notified via VHF when the Hummingbird Beach area has been opened to anchoring.