About The SMMA: Guiding Principles

All Parties to this agreement have developed a shared vision of the future of the marine and coastal environment of Soufriere, which is based on the following elements:

  1. the development of people and communities must be based on the rational use of their natural and cultural capital. Soufriere is rich in such capital, which must be developed and enhanced for the benefit of present and future generations;
  2. this process of development must be sustainable, and this cannot be achieved unless the use of renewable natural resources is managed with care and resources are allowed to renew themselves. Conservation must therefore be an integral objective and component of all management and development programmes;
  3. the benefits derived from the use of the natural and cultural capital must be shared as equitably as possible, and must contribute to addressing the most pressing social and economic problems of society;
  4. development and natural resource management must be approached as complementary processes requiring integrated and multi-disciplinary structures and interventions;
  5. the process of development must give all citizens an opportunity to participate fully in making and implementing decisions.

About The SMMA: Our Mandate

In order to realise this vision, the mission of the SMMA is to contribute to national and local development, particularly in the fisheries and tourism sectors, through the management of the coastal zone of Soufriere, based on the principles of sustainable use, cooperation among resource users, institutional collaboration, active and enlightened local participation, and equitable sharing of benefits and responsibilities among stakeholders.

About The SMMA: Objectives

The objectives of the SMMA are to:

  1. conserve the coastal and marine resource base of Soufriere;
  2. enhance the equitable economic, social and cultural benefits generated from the sustainable use of the coastal and marine resources of Soufriere at the local and national levels;
  3. manage the conflicts that may occur among uses and users of the coastal and marine resources in Soufriere.