SMMA Inc. welcomes the opportunity to work with and support the Coral Gardens.

A well-trained team has been working behind the scenes to address a critical aspect of the marine ecosystem.
As part of their Coral Restoration and Enhancement Projects, they have undertaken numerous projects within the SMMA and St Vincent and the Grenadines.

SMMA Inc. has recognized their potential and is now seeking to establish a partnership with them, since the work they are doing is in line with our objectives and mission.

The pioneer of the organization, Mr.Newton Eristhee, deserves commendation for initiating this undertaking.
Assisting the team is also the Fisheries Officer, Ms Rita Straughn Mitchel.

Introducing the Coral Gardeners:

Ms.Shenella James
Mr. Maximillian Sylvester
Mr. Nicothee Joseph
Ms. Kurissq Augustin
Mr. Travis Jean
Mr. Luke Alfred
Mr. Acquinus Sylvestre
Mr. Zaded Dusauzay
Mr. Perry Charlemagne
Mr. Chris George
Mr. Christian George
Ms. Euthalia Philgence
Mr. Christopher Wilson
Mr. Elijah Charelamagne
Mr. Junior Sylvester
Mr. Lurick Soulange
Mr. Jahdel Alcee
Mr. Chester Nathaniel