Glass-Bottom Boat Tours

Glass-Bottom Boat Tours

The undersea world of coral reefs are among the most fascinating and important habitats in all of nature.

Thanks to the efforts of scientific adventurers like Jacque Cousteau and the proliferation of cable television channels dedicated to bringing the wonders of the natural world into our homes, people today have an understanding and appreciation for the mysteries of the sea as never before. The lure of the reef environments to scuba divers and snorkelers makes those activities among the most popular throughout the islands of the Caribbean. Of course, there are many who are unable or unwilling to plunge directly into the water to experience the reefs. But that certainly doesn’t mean you have to miss out. Simply board a well appointed glass bottom boat and the colorful world of corals, sponges, brilliantly adorned schools of fish and countless other unique plants and animals will open up before you.

The crystal clear waters around St. Lucia are ideal for viewing from a glass bottom boat. Environmentally unimposing, the boats glide slowly a few feet over the reef structures as the schools of fish return passenger’s gazes with a curiosity of their own. One of the important characteristics of glass bottom boats is that they allow large numbers of interested visitors to view the reefs up close without the risk of damage to the delicate corals caused by even the slightest brush of a finned foot.

St. Lucia boasts glass bottom boat tours both in the north, from Rodney Bay, and in the south out of Soufriere. Tours in the north generally round Pigeon Island and visit the relatively undisturbed reefs in the area. Along the way, Zebra and Parrot fish, Barracuda, Eels and Sea Turtles are among the species that are often encountered.

Tours from Soufriere take in the reefs in the area Marine Park which are teeming with large schools of colourful fish and a great variety of supporting cast members. And, of course, the views of the Pitons from the boat are excellent.

During the leisurely voyage on a glass bottom boat, there’s plenty of sights on the coast to enjoy as well. Knowledgeable guides explain all and can answer any questions you might have. And don’t forget the camera; the colourful world below you will photograph beautifully through the glass windows.

So even if you don’t scuba or snorkel, or swim for that matter, you can still enjoy the magnificent undersea world of the waters of St. Lucia. Just step onto a glass bottom boat, sit back and enjoy.