Social & Economic Development

The objectives of this programme are:

  • to derive equitable social and economic benefits from the sustainable use of the natural and cultural resources of the SMMA;
  • to encourage, to the maximum extent possible, the equitable distribution of these benefits among the various sectors of the community, with particular attention being paid to the needs of the poor and disadvantaged sectors of society;
  • to contribute to the development and strengthening of the institutions involved in the development of the Soufriere region, particularly those at the community level;
  • to enhance social cohesion.

Areas of activity include but are not limited to:

  • facilitation of access to credit and technical assistance in relevant sectors;
  • provision of training and extension services in relevant sectors;
  • provision of assistance in organising production and marketing arrangements for local goods and services, whenever desirable and possible;
  • consultation with THE ASSOCIATION, by relevant agencies and authorities, on all major development initiatives that have an impact on the SMMA;
  • provision of facilitation and institutional development support to community groups and organisations;
  • organisation of appropriate social events and activities aimed at building cooperation and understanding within the community.

Responsibility for the design and implementation of this programme rests primarily with THE ASSOCIATION, working in partnership with all relevant public agencies, non-governmental development agencies and other interested Parties.