Education, Public Awareness & Communication

The objectives of this programme are:

  • to improve the quality and effectiveness of the management decisions made by THE ASSOCIATION;
  • to mobilise human, technical and financial resources to assist with the implementation of all management programmes;
  • to establish the credibility of THE ASSOCIATION and to build support for its objectives and activities among the communities in Soufriere and at the national level;
  • to increase understanding of the ecological, social and economic importance of the marine environment;
  • to promote compliance with rules and regulations by commercial and recreational users.

Areas of activity include but are not limited to:

  • dissemination of information to all user groups and the general public;
  • training of teachers, trainers and media personnel;
  • design and conduct of educational programmes;
  • preparation, publication and dissemination of materials for all relevant target audiences;
  • organisation of fora for discussion and dialogue within and among sectors, at the local and national levels, on issues relevant to the development of Soufriere

Responsibility for the design and implementation of this programme rests primarily with THE ASSOCIATION, working in partnership with the Ministries of Education and Community Development, media houses and other relevant and interested parties.