When M/V Anglyn sank off the coast of Vieux-Fort, a few containers broke loose and floated up the west coast of St. Lucia. Three containers made their way into the protected marine zone known as the Soufriere Marine Management Area. One container was raided and sank in 60ft of water at Anse L’Ivrogne resulting in underwater debris littering the seabed, nearby coral reef flats and the shoreline from Anse L’Ivrogne to Anse Cochon. The second container was grounded at Sable Nic in the middle of two Marine Reserves at Gros Piton and the third was towed to Malgretoute and subsequently trucked out of the area.

The SMMA contracted a local tug to remove the containers from Anse L’Ivrogne and Sable Nic. The one at Anse L’Ivrogne was successfully removed however the other is still at Sable Nic after two unsuccessful attempts at removal due to the nearby shallow reefs and sea conditions. A series of cleanups both on land and underwater resulted in the removal of the majority of debris on the seabed and adjacent reefs.

The SMMA has also taken a lead role in continuing the national response to the spill and is assisting in the field assessment of possibly turning the wreck which is a navigational hazard in its present location to a dive site at another suitable location.